So Believe

So Believe

Jesus Who?!

Pastor Lincoln Loney / 08‑13‑2017
Some people simply need more information about Jesus.

Jesus At The Feast

Pastor Lincoln Loney / 08‑06‑2017
Believers in Jesus need to make right judgments.

Jesus And Bread

Pastor Lincoln Loney / 07‑30‑2017
In John’s book the biggest miracles lead into the biggest teaching moments.

Good News For The Discouraged

Rainer Kunz / 07‑23‑2017
What To Remember When Discouraged

The Story of Lot: A Slow and Painful Shipwreck

Brian Fredrickson / 07‑16‑2017
There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death. Proverbs 14:12

A Prisoner’s Guide to Keeping Your Joy During Conflict

Greg Griesemer / 07‑09‑2017
The Secrets to Joy in Struggle

Win – 2 Corinthians 10

Pastor Gordy Gottfred / 07‑02‑2017
The faith flesh battle intensifies when Paul is accused of doing ministry for fleshly reasons. Where are you currently battling evil?

Two More Miracles

Pastor Lincoln Loney / 06‑25‑2017
There is no need you have, that Jesus can’t meet that need. There is no place can you go, where Jesus can’t meet you there.

Jesus And The Witnesses

Pastor Lincoln Loney / 06‑18‑2017
You can trust Jesus Christ. Here’s why

Jesus And The Invalid

Pastor Lincoln Loney / 06‑11‑2017
Believing in Jesus is absolutely essential.

Jesus And The Official

Pastor Lincoln Loney / 06‑04‑2017
Between promise and fulfillment keep on believing.

Jesus And The Samaritan Woman

Pastor Lincoln Loney / 05‑28‑2017
Jesus meets deep human needs.

John Promotes Jesus

Pastor Lincoln Loney / 05‑21‑2017
If you believe, you obey. If you don’t obey, you don’t believe.

Born Again

Pastor Lincoln Loney / 05‑14‑2017
To believe or not to believe in Jesus is the most important decision a person will ever make.

Trust Jesus, Love People

Pastor Lincoln Loney / 05‑07‑2017

The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved

Pastor Lincoln Loney / 04‑23‑2017
If I believe in Jesus, I tell others about Him.

About the Word

Pastor Lincoln Loney / 04‑16‑2017
The Word came into the world and the Word was God.